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Tuesday 26th February 2002

Alas! Back to miserable winter again today. -20 windchill. Snow to be shovelled, accidents and injuries.

I rented an old movie "Fluke". Enjoyed it very much. Based on the premise that one may return as an animal - and suffer all the horrible things humans do to animals. Did you ever read "The Tibetan Book of the Dead"? Anyway, Fluke had a surprise turnabout ending. That is always interesting to me.

Sunday 24th February 2002

Lovely day again. Getting warmer too. Couldn't find a movie this afternoon. Had hoped to see "Italian Lessons", "Birthday Girl" or Kandahar. None of those were available so I went for a long walk with a group of people and their dog. .. probably much better for me anyway. When I returned home, noticed that there were snowdrops in the garden - about a month ahead of schedule. Also, bulbs poking through. And, according to the owner of the orchard, I should be pruning my apple tree right back about now. So, I took some pictures:-

Saturday 23rd February 2002

Lovely sunny day .. and it seems so warm now. We went to Long Lane Orchards this morning. Bought Mutsu and Ida Red apples, antipasto and chili pickles, sausage rolls, bread, cider and cider spice. Took some photos:-

Friday 22nd February 2002

Had a couple of slightly warmer days (above zero). It rained quite heavily yesterday. This morning is clear and sunny but blowing from the north again. Nice to see such a lot of the snow has gone and the grass beneath is still green. Usually in the spring everywhere is burnt brown by the cold. I noticed a couple of trees had budding leaves, but that was in a very sheltered place. Heard on the news this morning they think there is an El Nino beginning.

Monday 18th February 2002

Went to the cinema yesterday afternoon - to see "Amélie" - such a lovely movie. I really recommend it. Probably will not be good for the TV / video because it's in French with subtitles. .. but I have a small TV, it may be ok if you have a large screen.

Going to the gym now.

Sunday 17th February 2002

We are having a cold snap .. wind-chill about minus 20. It's blinding bright sun and snow. OK if I dress up to the eyebrows. Suzy likes the snow. She has a beautiful coat. I took her for a long walk yesterday and met up with a few other people with their dogs, so they had a good long run and play together and I had people to chat with.

Saturday 16th February 2002

Looks quite gloomy today. Not to grumble, the weather has been kinder this year. Temperatures above average and have not had to shovel so many times.

Do you ever listen to the radio at night? I have been listening to the Chorus Network, that is on 900am here. They broadcast Old Radio Shows. There are all kinds of stories, from Hancock's Half-Hour to sit-coms westerns, mysteries, sci-fi. I wonder if they have any of the Valentine Dahl Mysteries. I quite like 740am Prime Time Radio. They have old music. As I said before, I enjoy listening to talk shows and Rhona At Night is interesting. Rhona mainly talks about relationships but will offer advice on anything that is a problem keeping you awake. I have spoken with Rhona a couple of times - but it's best to call her about 2 a.m. As I said, if it's keeping you awake, it's nice to have Rhona to talk to! Then there are usually some other people (out of the million or so cross country who are listening) who will phone in and sympathize or offer their input. Rhona has her own web page - but it's best to call her. I think her number is 1 800 477 4662 which is also.. 1-800-47 RHONA.

Monday 11th February 2002

Beautiful sunny sparkling day. Skies clear powder blue. Temperature (with windchill) about minus 15ºC. This afternoon my golden retriever, Tsunami, is on the deck pleasantly warm and really enjoying the sun on her beautiful silvery fur.

Sunday 10th February 2002

My movie this week was Big Fat Liar. Obviously a family or children's movie. Extremely contrived. Similar to Home Alone, in that child is badly treated by adult and child gets very suitable retribution. Quite interesting and amusing.

Weather is not too bad. Have not had to shovel for a while. The ice is gradually clearing.

Sunday 3rd February 2002

My movie this week was Gosford Park. Beautiful scenery, interesting plot, very much enjoyed.

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