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Wednesday 10th February 2010

Today I met the Cherry/Maxey/Robin Hood Tours coach and took a very enjoyable days outing. We stopped at the Mandarin Restaurant in Toronto for lunch. Just delicious. Wonderful buffet. After an hour or so we continued around downtown Toronto to the theatre for a performance of "Little House on the Prairie" .. A musical about early settlement days on the U.S. Prairie. This was (in my opinion) an excellent show. I enjoyed every minute of it. I had forgotten my hearing aid, but was able to use one of the new infra-red headsets which are provided by the theatre. I had to leave photo i.d. with the theatre while I had the headset.

I was quite shocked at the way Toronto has changed since I was last there. To me it would be a terrible place to live. ... Sky-high flats which reminded me of the way chickens are kept in boxes one on top of the other. The smell of pollution and exhaust is really choking. Oh well, that's the way things are ... Overpopulation and pollution everywhere.

On the way back we stopped at the Tim Horton/Wendy's mall for a light supper, which was not included in the price of the tour.

Friday 12th February 2010.

This afternoon I decided there were enough tin and aluminum cans in the corner of my garage. I called several scrap metal dealers to get the best price for them. (As my home is on a street where children walk to nearby schools there are usually plenty of pop cans left on the boulevards, so I collect them and take them all to the recyclers from time to time). The scrap metal dealers offer very little for normal tin cans, but I take them along anyway because I might as well get something for them. The recyclers use a magnet to differentiate between the aluminum, which does not attract, and the tin (or steel) which does.

I found the best prices at Metro Recycling. They had moved from Dawson Road to Fair Road (in Guelph). Tel: 519 836 9697 or 1 800 267 9903. To get to Fair Road: At the corner of Woodlawn and Silvercreek, continue on Silvercreek, past TSC Farm supplies and Fair Rd is the first on the right. Metro Recycling is on the left of Fair Road.

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