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Saturday 27th July 2002

Earlier this year I decided to plant a few Oriental Hybrid Lillies. As these are tubers, I thought they may do better in drought conditions. Also, nothing else seemed to grow well in that part of the garden, except Day Lillies. The first of the planting began to flower on the 21st. That was one of the mixed colours. The white "Casablanca" had a couple of flowers out today. They are supposed to be hardy in this climate. I took a few photographs. Included a self-planted sunflower:-
Lillies and sunflower

Friday 26th July 2002

My relative sent me an interesting email called "Snowballs in July". I think it was constructed by the arts department of the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. However, it didn't play properly for my email, so I thought I'd see how it would go on one of my pages. Here it is:

Snowballs in July

Thought you might enjoy this one on such a hot day!!!!!!!!
Snowballs in JULY
(Please, scroll down )
You have just been hit with an e-mail snow ball!
\\ \ | | / //
\\\ \\ // ///
\\\ ######### ///
\\ ### ### //
-- ## ## --
-- ## squish!! ## --
// ### ### \\
/// ######## \\\
/// // \\ \\\
// / | | \ \\
/ | \

It's the start of.....
Snow Ball Fight 2002 - 2003!!
One rule to this game....
You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you!

go out there and get as many people as you can,
before they get you!
I got you first! and you can't get me back!
Nanee - Nanee - Nanee!
We do not stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.

Sunday 14th July 2002

Had a lovely day out on Friday. Took a locks cruise with Cherry/Maxey. The weather was perfect, clear, sunny, not too hot. We set out at 8:15 hrs., took a stop at Horton's and arrived for lunch at about 12:00. A good buffet lunch was served in an old converted warehouse beside the canal landing. It made a beautiful dining room, bar and gift shop.

The cruise boat had two decks, so we were able to sit in the shade or up on the top. I am getting a bit sun-sensitive these days, so chose to sit below most of the time. Could still get quite a good view, without the headache.

We went through numerous locks, which raised or lowered the boat several hundred feet. Interesting. The locks operate with small motors. The hardest work is done by the power of the water.

We stopped again on the way home, at a huge wayside restaurant mall. Then I arrived home about 18:30 - in time to take Tsunami for her evening walk.

It still continues hot and dry here. I think there may be a cistern under my house, left from the old days. .. as my house is 112 years old. I wonder if I could make use of it for watering the garden. Have to make enquiries. A friend was telling me that homes in Germany now have big concrete cisterns built underground. What a good idea. Much better than our little plastic rain-barrels.

I took a lot of video and a few photographs on the cruise:-

Pictures of locks cruise.

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