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Wednesday 9th July 2003

Still day after day of lovely weather. Had a bit of rain. Managed to mow the lawns last night - much to my neighbours' annoyance. They had settled in on their patio for a quiet evening reading.

Have been making a "paint-by-numbers" kit from Mary Maxim. It is very complicated and hard on the eyes, so I am doing a little at a time. This is the first part. Eventually I will make a special page which shows the parts one after another until it is finished. .. so it will be almost animated, like the opening of a Walt Disney movie. (I hope).

First 1/3 of painting.

Wednesday 2nd July 2003

Day after day of really beautiful weather .. not too hot, for a change. But now it's heating up again and getting smoggy too.

Yesterday was Canada Day (1st July). Enjoyed the fireworks at Riverside Park. First time in several years. The whole park was packed with people. I had to walk about a mile to get there. It's impossible to find parking nearby unless I get there about 4 in the afternoon and sit waiting 'til 9:45, so I didn't want to do that.

I think I have to admit that England is the land I am most suited for. I continually have to remind myself:
There was not the opportunity there;
We were rained out on every vacation and couldn't afford to go abroad;
We found housing so expensive that we had to live way out in the country;
We were terribly cold in the winter because our house was not built properly and did not have a good heating system;
Neither of us earned a decent living wage;
England was and still is very overpopulated - I can't understand why the government does nothing about that, by education at least. They did make a start, in the '50s, when I was a teen.

I didn't go to the cinema for many years, but the modern movies are very good and I enjoy getting out of the heat for a couple of hours, losing myself in an interesting story. Last week I saw "Charlies' Angels 2". This was ok, but a bit of a mess actually. The story was really silly and mixed up. I preferred the first one.

The "Hulk" is about a man who became genetically modified. His father was a scientist. The father injected himself with something which was passed to the son when conceived. Every time the Hulk is emotionally provoked, he swells to immense size and has limitless strength. His flesh is bullet-proof, of course.

You will probably enjoy "The Lord of the Rings". It is a very popular book, written by Professor Tolkien. My boss gave me the book to read when I worked for a couple of architects. I found it terribly long and rather dark and repetitive. The movie makes it a lot more interesting. This is their second attempt at making a movie. The first was alright, but relied on cartoons. With modern computer technology this is a lot better.

I still enjoy flying, but before I go am always on the edge of cancelling. Like horse-riding, an accident can have such dire consequences. On my own, or even with relatives, it's always on my mind that one can so easily end up like poor Christopher Reeve. My relatives said they hated it when they knew they might get a 'phone call and be asked to come and pick up the pieces. I can identify with that.

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