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Tuesday 25th April, 2000

This is supposed to be the diary for March. The only interesting tours I took were:
Canada Blooms (which I last visited in 1998). I took a few photographs, but have not yet had the film developed. I enjoyed it more than the last one. I found the lecture rooms easily and particularly liked the lecture about orchids. The competitive arrangements were really beautiful.

A couple of weeks before that I went to the British Show at the Queen Elizabeth Building in Toronto, with the Cherry Bus lines. I thought it was very disappointing. They had a big pub area at one end, which made the show area very smelly. (All buildings in Guelph are now completely non-smoking. The older I get the less tolerance I have for smoke). The food was just "bangers" or fish and chips. Most of the booths were just books about Britain or video tapes. They had set up a screen depicting Coronation Street, where people could have photographs taken with a man dressed as an English policeman. Clive Swift from "Keeping Up Appearances" was there autographing his photograph.

I picked up brochures from Royal Airline and Canada 3000. BA wasnít there, but another visitor told me I could go to Pearson International and get on a BA business class any evening, so thatís what I really wanted to know. .. I will still take a drive over there and check it out for myself.

On the way back we stopped at the new Town & Country Restaurant for dinner .. which was worth a drive out anyway.

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