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Tuesday 14th March 2006

I have just been talking to my relative about ASCII Codes: You do have to hold the alt key down while you type in the numbers. Different numbers are called the ASCII Codes. This stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. In all cases you have to hold down the alt key while you type in the numbers. AND you do have to make sure the "Numbers Lock" is in place.

is 1152
is 1153
? 1128
G 71
򢣥 Well, that last one "1183" was supposed to be the sign for the French Franc. Turned out to be a black box on this programme. I also tried a lot of the numbers supplied on the website of Jim Price .. they all worked except the Franc sign.

I don't have a code for the Euro on this machine, so far as I can see - it probably wasn't invented in 1995?

I did have a way of printing all the numbers for different ascii codes when I was learning to write Basic. You probably learned this also. This computer doesn't have Basic, so all I learned at that time is wasted. Isn't it the way!

After all that I decided to look on the Internet under Google and searched for "ASCII Codes". There are a lot of interesting pages, with charts of the codes. I couldn't find the Euro on any of them though. Also, none of them had numbers the same as mine. Well, perhaps their numbers will work too.

It has gone from about 15C down to the minus again, with very high winds and snow squalls ... reminds me of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". Have you seen that? It's very exciting (and rather disturbing). On Sunday I went to see "The Chronicles of Narnia .. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe". It is a wonderful fantasy. It began with some very realistic scenes of the blitz .. as the children involved were among those who were shipped out of London. I couldn't help thinking "there but for the grace of God went I".

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