Thursday 27th May 1999

Well, I haven't done much to write about lately, so have decided to write the story of my life in pictures. This will not interest you, but I have to put a link to the page somewhere, so here it is!

Tuesday 11th May 1999

Day after day of pleasant sunny weather. For the last two days we have been under a ridge of Polar high pressure. This means the air is being brought down from the North Pole. It is pleasantly cool (about 16ļC).

Last Saturday I went with a friend on one of my favourite bus rides to Niagara Falls Blossom Parade. Everyone seemed to agree that it always rains on this parade! Last Saturday was no exception. However, as I am taking sulphur antibiotics, which leave me prone to severe sunburn in no time flat, this actually pleased me. I felt very sorry for all the majorettes and other participants who were walking the route in the pouring rain very unsuitably dressed. As I said before, we are having a drought. The rain, even for one day, was very welcome.

I took some photographs, which I include together with some beautiful postcards several paragraphs below.

The Niagara Falls Blossom Parade does not involve the use of blossoms on the floats. This appeared to disappoint many of the audience. In a fruit-growing area, one should not expect the blossoms to be picked! The name simply indicates that in Niagara Falls Gardens and surrounding area one may see masses of blossoms stretching for miles into the distance: peach, pear, apple, (but the grape is not out yet). The Gardens are so beautiful with their displays of tulips and spring flowers. The lilac are just beginning and should be a mass of bloom by next week. The floats were representations of nursery rhymes. They were made by the merchants and service groups of the town. Our bus parked at the top of a hill. We carried our chairs and umbrellas down to the parade route. Fortunately there was a large bus shelter and a big buffet style restaurant right there beside the Falls. In winter the Falls cover the surrounding trees with icicles and themselves freeze into a spectacular display of stalagtites and stalagmites. Here are some postcards which I have received from Niagara Falls at various times. It certainly is a wonderful sight.

Niagara Falls lit by night

The Falls from helicopter view

The Falls by night & fireworks

The Maid of the Mist from the Canadian side

The Falls from rapids, Canadian side

A float at the Blossom Parade

Upper Canada Equestrian Association

Carriage at the Blossom Parade
Wednesday 5th May 1999

Hello again. As usual in Canada, in the Guelph area of Ontario .. suddenly it's summer. In the shade temperatures are in the mid 70s. In my car the thermometer was all the way round and could go no further.

Daffodils are just about finished. Tulips are everywhere and the trees are in blossom. My magnolia is beautiful. Unfortunately magnolias do not seem to have any perfume.

I went around taking a few photographs and they are below. I look forward to getting a digital camera (is that what you call it?) but so far have read that the quality of the pictures is not very good. Anyway I like to get ordinary prints, they're easier to view.

My magnolia tree

The forsythia bush and cilla flowers

Closeup of the forsythia bush

Closeup of daffodils.
Poor Sue, the puppy, (she's actually fully grown now), has a huge thick coat. This morning, as we walked, she was shedding hair in all directions.

Susie the golden retriever at one year old.

I was so disappointed to miss my trip to Niagara Falls (due to the flu). Next week I've booked another. This will probably be better, as it's warmer now and the flowers are more plentiful.

I've just been browsing - looking for High Flight .. and will note it here so's I don't lose it again :-

High Flight
by Pilot Officer Gillespie McGee Jr.
No 412 Squadron
Killed on a training flight 14th December 1941.

Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
and danced the clouds on laughter silvered wings;
sunward Iíve climbed
and joined the tumbling mirth
of sun-split clouds ..
and done a thousand things you have not dreamt of:
wheeled and soared and swung
high in the sunlit silence,
Hovíring there.

I have chased the shouting winds along
and flung my eager craft
through footless halls of air ..
Up, up, along the delirious, burning blue.

I have topped the windswept heights with easy grace,
where never lark nor even eagle flew
and while with silent lifting mind I have trod
the high untrespassed sanctity of space,
put out my hand and found the hand of God.

I know the last line is not right, but my alteration is more the way I feel about it!

Also, there was a parody of this lovely poem, which seemed a pity .. but I thought it was funny. So, I'll put a link to "Low Flight" at the end of this page.

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