Saturday, November 28, 1998

Last night I went to see Cleo Laine and the John Dankworth Group at the River Run Centre in Guelph. I'm not all that fond of Jazz, but really like most of Cleo's songs. She said she was born in 1927. I think she should be declared an international treasure and cloned! That voice is truly amazing. John Dankworth and his musicians were obviously masters of their arts. I really enjoyed his rendition of "Autumn In New York". The final song Cleo sang was "The Streets of London". That is so beautiful. Cleo and her group had flown over from England specially for this performance and would be returning to England on Monday.

A pleasant lady came and sat beside me, as she observed I was alone. She said her son was a university graduate in computer technology, but as he had been unable to find work, he was working with his father. His father had his own business in construction and was a master mason/bricklayer. Work certainly is hard to find.

This afternoon I took Suzy for a long walk by the river, down to the Countryside Coffee House. I enjoy that walk and it's not lonely, being quite close to people and traffic. Suzy is getting big now. She's actually a bit taller than Moose.

Friday, November 27, 1998

It'll soon be the end of the year again. Doesn't the time just fly by. I always look forward to the 21st December .. when the sun begins coming back our way again and the nights at least begin to get a little shorter.

This year the snow has held off. The weekend temperatures are forecast to get up into the teens. This is very pleasant for walking and I spend a lot of time doing that.

I have been in the habit of going to the cinema on weekend afternoons, when it's $5 instead of $8. I usually go to see something cheerful. However, last movie I saw was "Meet Joe Black". I always enjoy those particular actors. Also, I suspected the story was taken from a BBC radio play which I heard many years ago, called "Death Takes A Holiday". I had enjoyed listening to that so much. At the end I stayed to watch the titles and I was right.

Isn't it great to see the stock market go up again. It certainly is giving us a roller-coaster ride. I prefer flying for my excitement.

Saturday 21st November 1998

Last night I went to see a showing of "Oliver" at the River Run Centre. There was a reception with drinks and snacks in the upper balcony. The play was very well done, with scenery on rollers. It was very much like the show which Allen and I first saw in London.

I noticed this property advertised in the Mercury Real Estate. The other beautiful home out there has been for sale for years. I think they are asking too much for these homes, out in the country with poor water and few social services.

Recently the news has been agitating about the "Year 2000" problem. Apparently piece of equipment which has a computer chip which only recognizes the last two digits of the year, will stop work. This means that electrical systems will fail everywhere. Our heat will fail. In Canada people such as myself will freeze to death. I don't have a fireplace to burn wood, or any kind of stove. Oh well, computers are such unreliable, ephemeral things. Serves us right for being so lazy and trying to "save work" by using them. At the moment my beautiful expensive system has developed a problem with the monitor. All lettering has a dreadful outline of iridescent green. I can't afford to update and think I will just discard the whole thing. It has never found work for me and has just been a colossal waste of time.

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