This page contains large photographs. Please use your side scroll bars and arrows to browse. Monday 12th October

Today is the public holiday. My neighbour was not busy, so we decided to go to Long Lane Orchards. It gets bigger every year. John came in from pressing cider. He seems to recognize all his visitors. They seem to have hired a lot of help .. usually family and friends. The young man operating the 'till was just having fun, not his usual job, it was a novelty for him. They even had their own WebsiteLong Lane Orchards, east of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately this page has been deleted, leaving only the Milton Chamber of Commerce reference at http://www.chamber.milton.on.ca/newsletter.html. I have had great success in finding information on the Internet concerning places I wanted to visit, prices of cars, taxes, house prices, medical information, stock market, maps, etc. So, from that point of view it is extremely useful. I'm always sorry to see sites disappear.

I was really impressed with the colour of these trees. Aren't they amazing! The picture on the right is children sitting on a pile of pumpkins. Beside them are huge "men" of round straw bales.
When I got back I decided to finish up the film with some pix of my pets.
HoneybunSu & MooseSu & Moose too
Hasn't Susie the pup grown, just since August?
Sunday 11th October 1998

In Canada this is Thanksgiving Weekend. Tomorrow is a public holiday. It is the last weekend of the fall, when people usually bring their plants (like geraniums) indoors for the winter. We still continue to have day after day of beautiful weather, warm and pleasant, skies as blue as a cornflower. The gurus are predicting a particularly severe winter this year. From the way the squirrels are gathering and the fruit has been so prolific, the gurus are probably right. Still I decided to enjoy the beauty of it all while I may.

I spent the afternoon driving, in my usual haphazard way, up to Forks of Credit. Last year I took a lot of photographs, but this year only took two or three.

It is always difficult to find the Brampton Airpark. There are no signs, local people don't appear to know it exists and it is not marked on the map. It has a pleasant restaurant and shop, with a place to watch the aircraft. I like to stop there for tea.

The countryside around Georgetown is so pretty. I take a very sharp turn to the left in a right-hand bend of the road, when approaching Georgetown from Acton. It's just as I reach the first streets of Georgetown. It leads cross-country through Terra Cotta .. but then I usually get lost and spend an hour or so wandering around admiring the countryside.

After tea at Brampton Airpark I head vaguely to the north for Forks of Credit. At this time of year the country roads on the Holiday are packed with tourists. I'd say the locals get so ticked off about it that they misdirect everyone. This time I didn't actually find the Forks. It didn't matter though. The riding around is the thing .. in fact next year I think I'll go somewhere and hire a horse and guide. That looks more fun than just driving.

Friday 9th October 1998

This week I have had the company of one of the Painter Sisters. She has spent five days putting numerous coats of beautiful palest apricot onto my sitting room walls, to cover up the grey. Last Saturday my carpenter, a pleasant Scottish gentleman, Mr. Clark's Tradition Carpentry, and his son, had put new skirting boards all around the sitting room. All the woodwork has been painted semi-gloss white (again to cover up the grey). It looks so much better I can scarcely believe it's finally done. That grey has been getting on my nerves for the past two years.

I called the Sears Service also this week. They come to make sure my snow plough will work. Thank goodness for that.

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