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Very often, in writing this diary, we tell of the less pleasant things, as well as some of the good things about the area. Our purpose in providing this information is to enable buyers to beware. No-one else will tell you the unpleasant things about an area. We have never seen information like this made available before. Buying a home is the most expensive investment you will ever make. We are not sales people. Apart from our own homes, we do not own any property in the area. Please do not write to us telling us the good things about this area .. any sales person or the local tourist office can provide that information. Of course, they are only interested in selling. That is the only information they want you to know. For other such matters of interest about Guelph go to http://www.sentex.net/~oficserv/Guelph.html

Wednesday 27th September 2000

Beautiful pleasantly cool sunny days of fall. Calm maple perfumed evening walks. Just gorgeous. Often wish these fall days could be packaged and brought out in winter, or the heat of summer.

Have tried with both Cherry Bus Lines and CAA to book fall trips .. they are fully booked. Then I tried to book tickets for The Lion King. They are fully booked too. Oh well, serves me right for trying to wait 'til the last minute. Now I'll have to go by myself. I'd much rather go on the bus - to avoid the hassle of finding restaurants and parking.

Thursday 14th September 2000

Today the weather turned suddenly quite cool. It has been raining in Guelph nearly all day. The cooler temperatures were a relief after the heat and humidity.

I went to England for a few days, so have nothing much to write about Canada. Instead I will tell you about my very pleasant flight and stay in England. As usual these days will read from later to earlier. So, if you start at the bottom of the page it will make more sense. I have decided to put the UK Trip on a separate page at http://www.sentex.net/~oficserv/UKTrip.html . It mainly concerns means of travel and prices. If you want to look at pictures, please turn to http://www.sentex.net/~oficserv/Postcard.html

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